HDFC Saving Account


Open a Savings Account instantly from the comfort & safety of your home. Avail amazing offers by adding money to your HDFC Bank Instant Savings account. est Savings Account with added benefits. e-xtra Earnings for all your e-xtra Efforts 


Payout Details

Category/ Lead Payout
Successful Account Open ₹250

Target Audience & Eligibility:

  • Salaried Professionals, with a salary above 25k+  
  • Credit Card Holders
  • Age: 25 years and above

Soft KPI: Min Monthly Average Balance – 10,000 INR

Conversion Flow:

1. User enters the mobile number, PAN Card number, and Captcha.
2. User confirm OTP received by SMS. User selects KYC via - Aadhar card. If user selects any other option like Passport, Voter ID etc for KYC completion, then it will not be valid.
3. User confirms OTP received on Aadhar linked mobile number.
4. User selects account type and selects city & branch.
5. User confirms minimum account balance as per the account type chosen.
6. User submits personal details including photos and submits professional details.
7. User submits nominee details and submits consent for Video KYC.
8. Account is counted and credited.


Terms and Conditions

→   Tracking Information
Reporting : Offline(24 hours)
Cookie Duration : 30 Days
Deeplink : NO
Mobile App : NO
Mobile Web : YES
Desktop : YES
Geo Targeting : PAN India
Payment Time : 45 - 60 Days
Feedback Frequency : Weekly

Work information

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Duration:2 hours
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