Sales And Promotion Work


Our company needs your help in finding businesses that want to purchase our products.

For each customer that buys our product OR service you will receive Rs.2000/- 

You will need to call and email any business OR person that you believe will want to purchase our companies product. Once you are able to sell them our product you will receive  Rs.2000/-.Just Pass their information to us, our team will clear it.
*Please note! You will be credited only if the work is 100%Genuine & Confirmed. 

How to submit your work 
Accept the work, you will see a submission form.

Fill the appropriate details as mentioned in the working instructions of the work

Submit the work when you have finished 

Work information

Our Product
*Personal Website only @ 500/- Per Month *Pay 10 Months and get discount in 2 months *It Includes .com domain name and server space *we will provide ad to make income from personal websites.
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