Call & Collect Appointments for Facebook Page Promotion


-Be clear to convey correct information about the product as mentioned below.
-Be sure that the client you approach is clear about the information he seeks.
-Either the client is interested or not, it is ok please be polite till your call ends.
-Any further or necessary assistance please feel free to get in touch with us. 
-See that you submit the proper details of the client.
-You will be credited only for the Genuine 
leads and after verified by Acemwork.
-Also 10% of total business
 amount will be credited to your verified leads.



Call and collect leads of those who wish to get genuine likes for their Facebook pages or wish to boost their Business

*We provide 100% genuine results.
*Through Acemwork one gets Genuine likes on their page.
*Completely result oriented at a reasonable price and guaranteed service.

Aceware BPO provides search engine optimization since 2007 and now offers a wide range of search engine marketing services for all industries.
We at Aceware have a separate team of people who specialize in optimizing a website for search engines and performing the various different tasks required to get the website a good ranking in the results of search engines for the chosen keywords.
We implement ethical and effective search engine optimization strategies for your website so that it can enjoy top page ranking in Google and other major search engines naturally building on online presence for the site through social media as well. We optimize business performance to attain value creation.
There has been a tremendous upsurge in the outsourcing industry which aid in reducing costs and increasing service quality. The integrated solution approach provides enhanced value to the customers through process standardization, process simplification and process optimization.

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