Subscribe & Share the Youtube Channel


Youtube Chanel Subscribe & INVITE

  • Login to you respective Youtube/Gmail account.
  • Click on the link from the work details page.

You will find a Youtube Chanel link to hit Subscribe & INVITE friends of your account. Hit like from your logged in account. And share on your timeline(Keep in Notice that you share you post PUBLIC).

  • View your share post ideally on a new browser tab, copy the link to submit work.
  • Then submit your Correct Username and Link of you post.
  • Invite friends from your facebook friend list.
  • While submitting the work enter those names who have Subscribe the page.
  • Below 9 Subscribes per like will get Rs.1 each.
  • Above 10 Subscribes per like will get Rs.2 each.

One like per user.

User can Hit like from their multiple Youtube/Gmail accounts but not multiple times from same account.

This work will be verified only after 48hours.

Invite maximum friends and maximum Likes to earn good!

On verification from the admin side if above mentioned instructions is not followed then penalty will be fined and amount will also not be credited.

Duration:30 minutes
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